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The following brief introduction to the Nickel Metal Hydride (Ni-MH) manufacturing process may help our customers understand how those batteries are built and what technologies we adopt for building those batteries. The similar is for Nickel Cadmium (Ni-CD) battery manufacturing.

1. Cathode and Anode plate making:

Nickel hydroxide are mixed with other active materials and pasted on to a three dimension substrate called nickel foam to form a cathode plate. Hydrogen storage alloy powder and other materials are made to a slurry shape and pasted on to a punched nickel plated steel ribbon to form an anode plate.

2. Assembly process

2.1. Winding Station: Insert a separator between the positive and negative plate and wind the plates. Put the winded plates into a steel battery can.

2.2. Short-circuit test: Perform a short-circuit test on the battery, and then press the top end of cell to make an edge. Apply sealant at and place an insulator ring along the inner edge.

2.3. Electrolyte Filling Station: Electrolyte is dispensed into each battery can. A precise control is focused on the amount of filling. Overfilling may lead to leakage and less filling to poor performance of battery.

2.4 Crimp Station: A cap with pressure release safety vent is installed and welded on the top end of battery. The battery can is crimped by a machine and an electrical property test is carried on each battery.

We use automatic controlled assembly equipment for the whole procedure.

3. Formation and sorting:

The batteries from assembly line must be activated and sorted subject to their capacity, internal impedance, charging and discharging performance. This procedure will guarantee the safety and performance of battery packs. Battery packs assembled with the batteries that have similar properties will have optimistic safety and performance and life.

4. Battery pack assembly:

Assemble batteries with similar properties and enclosed with necessary protection devices. The packs can only be released for delivery after they pass the final test.
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